Welcome to The Nature Book Nook: Exploring Children’s Books About Nature. We hope that parents, caregivers, teachers, and other educators will find the reviews of children’s nature books posted on our social media pages helpful (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter). In each post we will provide a description of the book, some thoughts of our own, sometimes a photo of our youngest child with the book, and a link to purchasing a copy through Amazon.com.*

The types of books we are interested in posting about are:

1. children’s nonfiction books about nature and the natural sciences
2. children’s nonfiction books about the environment and stewardship
3. children’s fiction (board books, picture books, storybooks, early readers, etc.) that are focused on some aspect of nature, the natural sciences, or the environment
4. general outdoor books that are applicable for families (non-regional)
5. general popular nature books for adults (a parent who loves nature is more likely to have kids who love nature)
6. parenting books about connecting kids to nature
7. more general science books if they have some focus on children exploring the natural world (a book specifically about Pluto is not a good fit, but a book about encouraging youth to explore their solar system and how to do so is a good fit)

Authors and publishers: We would be delighted to hear about a new title of yours and the possibility of sharing about it on our social media pages. Contact us at thenaturebooknook@gmail.com.

While some books we receive and post about will find a home in our family’s home library, we plan to donate others to our children’s school libraries or local Little Free Libraries, as well as offering some through giveaways via our social media pages.

The Nature Book Nook is the work of Michael D. Barton, a father of two, children and nature connection advocate, and freelance historian. He used to blog regularly at Exploring Portland’s Natural Areas, but has retired that blog to focus on The Nature Book Nook, his Children at Nature Play Facebook page (and NaturePlaySign.com), and his Facebook group for families in the Portland, OR region, PDX Kids in Nature.

* Note: when we link to Amazon we do so as an Amazon Associate, thereby receiving a very small amount of compensation for any purchases made through affiliate links. If you wish for links to other purchasing sites to be included, please let us know.